A digital ecosystem for analytics
Short-term analytics. We can perform your tasks for up to 5 days!
Understand monetary volume, conduct quantitative analysis of CA, identify trends and forecasts of market growth
Making a list of competitors, determining their positioning and competitive advantages, insights for your product
Conducting research so you can pitch to potential investors
Market Study and Analysis
Competitor search and analysis
Analytics for fundraising
Financial models: P&L, Unit-Economics
At the output you will get a competent financial model or calculated unit economy of your project
We will make for you a competent analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
Forming an USP and positioning
Get tips and advice from your industry experts who have a wealth of experience
What you get
Get tips and advice from your industry experts who have a wealth of experience
Market Research with expert support
Indentifying market opportunities for growth
Help your product grow and scale in the marketplace
We will find opportunities for growth in the market, prepare materials for the new stage of funding, etc.
Who are we useful to?
Happy to take on some of your tasks that you don't have enough hands on staff for
Not enough expertise or hands? We are ready to be them and do research for investment
Not enough expertise to do the analytics for your product development? We're here, ready to lend a helping hand :)
Small Business
Proven and niche experts who will confirm the results of the professionals
Experts and professionals
Why choose us?
Taking relevant data from authoritative sources: Source1, Source2, Sorce3
Fresh and relevant data
We'll do the whole job in no longer than five days!
If you do not want to pay for a full market report in full, we will provide only the data relevant to you from them
Data from the reports
You pay only for what you need and we explain the value of the task
Source transparency
The fastest
Попробовать Trial-версию
We are ready to confirm all our data sources to make sure they are correct
Who will do your analytics?
Participated and won case championships (Unilever, Changellenge Cup Russia 2019, EY Adventure)
Proficient in MS Office, Google tools, Figma, Miro
Have experience in finance, management, sales
Exchange students in other countries (HEC Paris, University of Trento, University of Science and Technology AGH)
Have a B2-C1 level of English
Speak Russian as a native speaker
They are students or graduates of the Higher School of Economics, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, etc.
Phase I
Forming and placing a request on the platform
Phase II
Placing tasks on the internal platform for top performers
Project Manager
Phase IV
Task control and result verification
Project Manager & Expert
Phase III
Selecting a task on the internal platform and executing queries
Performers and information providers
How the work process works
What do you get out of it?
Our case is currently only available in Russian
Unfortunately, the display of our case presentation is only supported from desktop devices. Or contact us on Telegram, we will forward the presentation to you directly with individual conditions
How much does it cost?
Performing one task from the list above
30 €
The package of ten tasks includes extensive research and a 20% discount
240 €
Need personalized conditions or a different range of tasks?
If you have any suggestions, please write to: nizhge@gmail.com
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