AB Team

Data Scientist

- Development of a module based on artificial neural networks that performs real-time
face recognition for a remote access control system.
- Development of a road analytics module based on neural networks that performs the
function of detecting, tracking a vehicle / person to solve the problems of "smart cities".
- Development of modules for the "smart bus" project, performing the functions of
counting passengers.
- Managed an rnd team developing deep learning solutions in the field of medical data.
Solutions were developed for the analysis of chest x-rays, ECG data in the form of time
series, as well as an auxiliary speech to text module and a web portal.
- Personally engaged in the selection and training of neural network models for the
module for classifying fluorographic images, which was part of the medical decision
support system.
- Team supervision and development of deep learning solutions, including OCR
(character recognition) in pdf documents: noise reduction for audio data, voice
biometrics, Rest api for facial biometrics, work on the "smart buses" project: smart
monitoring of driver states via video stream with cameras, communication with customer
representatives, consultation of analysts on the preparation of business requirements for
the product. Presentation of work results to customers, distribution of tasks and control of
their implementation using trello/jira project management software.
- Further training of biometrics and development of a search system for a database of
people on millions of faces

Main programming languages: python